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It is a hard battle for me before until I finally reach my dreams now. Before having this life today, I experienced being maltreated and being rejected by the world. Sometimes, I thought why the world is ruthless to me or why God allows these things to happen in me. Why out of billions of people in the world I was chosen to suffer such difficulty. It was not an easy journey for me, and despite it, I still made it to the end.


A long journey and at the same time hard for my family and me. We are not wealthy just like anyone that money is easy to earn. My mom worked hard to it to provide us with food and other necessities. We are six siblings she raised alone when my coward dad left us and replaced with another woman. It becomes more difficult for mom because she doesn’t have a stable job, and still send us to school. I pity mom because sometimes, it took her midnight going home to earn bigger money. But not all the time that is the case because over time is sometimes only.


Before dad had a mistress, it was easy for mom because she has a dad standing by her. She never had a problem with him and always a good provider. Perhaps he dont allows mom before to have overtime to rest and he will be the one to work until midnight. I am proud of him back, he always do his best to give us a good life. He always makes what is the best for us and never stops earning. Sometimes we experienced hunger, but we understand because they do not have a stable job and income. They content us with their love and support filled our empty stomach. They are our superheroes, and because of them, I started to dream. I dream that someday I can give them a comfortable life, not like this where they have to work hard day and night even without rest.


I also experienced being bullied in school, maybe because we are just poor and the clothes I wear is dirty or having this damage shoes and a plastic bag to put my things. I dont embarrassed what I have before and accept all those judgments with me. I dont care how many people do not like me because, for me, education does not base on how you look good slightly on how you can give to the class. I always study hard, perfect quizzes, assignments, and everything. I wanted to make my parents proud of me and get them to school to wear me my medals. Even though they are shy and being laugh because of how we look, it doesnt matter as long as we will go home happy and proud. Our birthdays and some of the occasions are not celebrated, and we let it passed by, but I wish that someday, I can blow a cake and celebrate my birthday.


I have not experienced a celebration in my life, and that is why I am so hopeful that one day we can celebrate it us, family. Until my dad just doesn’t come home in us, we heard that he already found a new woman. My mom tried to go to their house and ask for support for us, but he pushes her away, and he allows his mistress to hurt mom. Since then, we lived just the seven of us, my siblings and mom. My motivation becomes more strong because I pity mom for working hard for us.


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